Menuboard Manager vs. Yodeck: A Comparison

Feature Menuboard Manager Yodeck
Pricing Starts at $9.99/month Starts at $7.99/month
Free trial Yes Yes
Templates Created specifically for your brand by our graphic design team or by yours Variety of pre-designed templates
Design tools Menuboard Manager has taken a different approach – use Adobe, Canva, etc, then upload image/video files and thereafter drag-n-drop, dynamic text fields, add widgets, and more Native design tools, including drag-and-drop functionality within the web app
Menu management Create and manage menus with dynamic pricing, descriptions, and images, “86” menu items, and use grouping to easily deploy menu updates to thousands of signs with just a few clicks Designed more for small organizations with limited scope, has menu scheduling and inventory management features
Content scheduling Either the day-parting or calendar-style scheduling Basic and advanced scheduling options 
Integrations Toast, PAR Brink, Northstar, Qu, Olo, NCR Aloha, Oracle Simphony, Square, and more No direct support for PoS integrations
Additional features API architecture for easy integration with external systems, QR code menus Extensive features like digital signage for beyond menus, including internal communication, wayfinding, and more
Support Highly responsive US-based customer support via chat, phone, Zoom, and email and a knowledgebase with lots of articles with videos Limited support via knowledge base, and email with the support team in India

Key Differences:

  • Focus: Menuboard Manager is specifically designed for restaurant digital menu boards with mass menu rollout features, dynamic prices, direct PoS integrations, while Yodeck offers a wider range of digital signage solutions, including menu boards.
  • Design tools: While Yodeck provides built-in design tools to create visually appealing menus, with Menuboard Manager you simply use your favorite design software and then easily upload your designs to the content management system..
  • Integrations: Yodeck integrates with more third-party applications using Zapier, a third party integration platform at additional cost, while Menuboard Manager directly integrates with PoS systems via APs, which is much faster and provides real-time order confirmation
  • Additional features: Yodeck offers a wider range of additional features beyond just menu boards.

Which one is right for you?

Choose Menuboard Manager if:

  • You’re a restaurant that needs a solution for creating and managing digital menus at scale.
  • You want responsive support
  • You use Toast, PAR Brink Northstar, Qu, Aloha, Micros PoS systems for direct integrations

Choose Yodeck if:

  • You want a digital signage solution that goes beyond menu boards.
  • You need advanced design tools and Zapier integrations meet your requirements.
  • You’re willing to use knowledgebase and email support meets your expectations.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. I recommend trying the free trials of both platforms to see which one you prefer.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Ease of use: Both platforms are relatively easy to use, but Yodeck might be slightly more intuitive for beginners.
  • Customer support: Both platforms offer customer support, but Menuboard Manager’s support team is based in Texas and offers faster response times.
  • Security: Both platforms take security seriously, but it’s always a good idea to do your own research.

I hope this information helps!

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