Menuboard Manager® 4 released

Menuboard Manager® has released version 4, the most significant software update to date and a complete re-design.

New version features:

  • Completely re-designed user interface
  • Multiple Presentation Support
  • Advanced Day Part Scheduling
  • Media Gallery for all media which can be added to any sign
  • Sign Tree navigation tool – efficient sign selection & management
  • Drag-n-Drop slide/video show re-ordering
  • Easier to define slide durations
  • Image slides now support support transition effects
  • User-definable external inputs to create Live TV/Signage  hybrid sign
  • Streaming video input to create Streaming Video/Signage hybrid sign
  • Video backgrounds
  • User definable HTML
  • Easy CSS editor
  • User permissions granularity so you can limit user access to admin features
  • Sign grouping
  • Custom font selection

Menuboard Manager® 4














Menuboard Manager™ Software Version 3.3 Released

Menuboard Manager™ software version 3.3 released today.  Samsung SSSP 2.0 and 3.0 devices now support live video input via any physical input to a zone on screen.  This provides a branded TV experience and/or the ability to post image slideshows for promotions, special offers, messaging.

SSSP 3.0 devices can display live video input window in landscape or portrait.  SSP 2.0 devices are limited to landscape live video input.

Menuboard Manager™ Software Version 3.1 Released

Menuboard Manager™ version 3.1 has been released.

  • “Time of Day Clock” for day parting now references Samsung LFD internal clock instead of server time.  Persistent Internet connection no longer required for accurate day parting.   Daylight Savings Time is now supported as well as a result.
  • Image playlist transitions are now supported: fade, fadeOut, scrollHorz, scrollVert, tileSlide, flipHorz, and some others.
  • “Connection Status” is now displayed for Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) monitors with an active connection.

Menuboard Manager version 3.0 Released

A major update to Menuboard Manager™ has been released.

  • Menuboard Manager™ is now a native Samsung SSSP application.
  • Offline Mode: Content is stored locally so if network connection is not available, monitor displays previously downloaded content forever or until network connection is restored and updates are downloaded ***SSP2.0 only***.
  • Menu Day Parting is now supported, for example display Breakfast menu until a specified time of day, then change to Lunch/Dinner menu.

Menuboard Manager powers digital signage in 65 rooms at Dallas Suites Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela

Menuboard Manager content management software powers digital menu boards in 65 rooms at the Dallas Suites Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. The digital signage system is utilizing Menuboard Manager for easy content management. Using any web browser, the hotel management can easily update all 65 digital signs at this popular destination hotel in Caracas. With just a few clicks, all signs update to show the latest content. Innovative design coupled with simplicity results in a streamlined workflow for managing digital signage at this technologically advanced hotel.

Austin Sports Center utilizing Menuboard Manager for South Austin & Cedar Park Locations

Austin Sports Center has adopted Menuboard Manager for easy content management of digital signage at two locations:  South Austin and Cedar Park, TX.  Digital Signage at Austin Sports Center is utilized for marketing messaging and concessions menus.  The signage at ASC is scheduled to display marketing posters during the week and on weekends is automatically timed to display Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner menus at concession areas during sporting events.  Austin Sports Center specializes in youth volleyball, and other youth sports, event management and merchandising.

Lake Superior State University adopts Menuboard Manager

Lake Superior State University adopts Menuboard Manager digital signage content management platform at The Quarterdeck, the student center located on the first floor of the Walker Cisler Student and Conference Center.  This new food service facility features 5 concept restaurants, each displaying their menus on digital menu boards.  A additional multi-zone informational digital sign displays LSSU Campus News, Campus Life section, Event Calendar, Announcements and a Photostream on a 55″ LG Commercial monitor in high definition.  The Quarterdeck is a newly constructed facility at the Sault Ste. Marie campus.