Starbucks Drive-Thru Digital Order Screen

Drive-thru digital menu boards are a specialized type of digital menu board designed specifically for the fast-paced drive-thru environment. Here’s what makes them unique and advantageous:

Key Features:

  • Outdoor-ready: These displays are built to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, extreme heat, and direct sunlight. They’re designed to remain visible and functional in all kinds of outdoor environments.
  • Brightness: Drive-thru digital menu boards have exceptionally high brightness levels to ensure readability even in direct sunlight.
  • Durability: They are constructed from robust materials and often have protective enclosures to withstand the rigors of being outdoors and close to cars.
  • Modular Design: Many drive-thru systems are modular, allowing you to display multiple screens side-by-side to showcase a full menu, promotions, and order confirmation.


  • Improved order accuracy: Clear, dynamic visuals reduce order errors and streamline the ordering process for both customers and staff.
  • Easy updates: Menu changes, price adjustments, and promotions can be updated instantly from a central location, saving time and resources.
  • Targeted promotions: You can schedule specific promos to appear at certain times of the day (like breakfast items in the morning) or highlight limited-time offers.
  • Faster service: Digital boards make the menu clearer, speeding up the decision-making process for customers and increasing drive-thru efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Sleek design and engaging visuals enhance the drive-thru experience for customers.

Things to Consider:

  • Cost: Drive-thru digital menu boards can be a significant investment, but the long-term benefits in efficiency and customer experience may offset the initial cost.
  • Installation: Professional installation is often required to ensure proper mounting, weatherproofing, and wiring.
  • Content Management: You’ll need a user-friendly content management system to make the most of your digital boards


In summary, drive-thru digital menu boards modernize the traditional drive-thru experience, bringing increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the ability to dynamically target your marketing efforts.